Lathe belt polish

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The client has a conventional lathe equipped with a belt lathe grinder acessory wich was only used for polishing and deburring operations. Because of production demands, they need another new belt polish grinder to be installed in another lathe. My job was to copy the concept of the old polishing belt grinder, if possible, improving its performance in terms of vibrations, speed and final quality of the machined parts and design a new belt polish grinder acessory.


  • Design a new belt polish grinder based in the actual acessory already intalled in the production line.
  • The new acessory needs to be controlled from a central control panel.
  • Dust aspiration is required.
  • Easy acess to the belt in order to easy removal of the weared¬†one and installation of the new one.
  • Easy tensioning mechanism for the belt.
  • Variable speed controller for the motor.
  • Pneumatical and electrical operated.

The two cylinders of the pictures are for adjusting the belt tenion and for moving up and down the arm. The surface quality of the machined part is controlled adjusting the speed, tension and grit of the belt, the feed of the acessory and the turning speed of the piece to be polished or deburred.

The picture shows the “old” acessory already in the production line, in this case it was disassembled in order to do measurements and study the mechanism.

The picture shows the new accessory assembled in the lathe during the tests in the workshop. Needs to be painted and wired. As you can observe the design is quite similar to the other.