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Hydro-Precis grinding machine retrofitting

– Project Details – Our Job

  • Convert this old conventional grinding machine into a CNC machine
  • Design a new enclosure
  • Install a Marposs In-process measurement system
  • Install a pneumatic internal diameter grippers
  • Check all the mechanisms and mechanical parts

The tree pictures above show the original machine before the retrofitting starts. As you can observe, thousands of hours of hard job make a retofit necessary to sustanin productivity, safety and quality to the maximum. Modernization of many electrical and mechanical parts besides checking al mechanical parts were our goal in this project.


It is usual to sketch a raw drawing of the machine for helping engineers in the process of sizing electrical wiring, sizing cable chains, make drawings of anchoring points and detect colisions.

Section view where you can observe the detailed mechanical design of the new parts adapted in their new location.

New spindle design with the pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic grippers already installed in the main arbor.

Section view where you can appreciate the ribbedVista de sección donde se puede apreciar el nervado interior del suplemento de fundición que se atornilló en la torre principal de la máquina.

Los suplementos de mecanizaron en pórex, se fundieron los modelos con fundición GG-25, se estabilizaron, desbastaron, atornillaron i finalmente se mecanizaron i rectifcaron juntamente con los cuerpos de la máquina.

Machine installed in client’s facilities