Two axis circular saw

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Important company dedicated to recover rolls with different plastic materials needed a new acessory to machine helical grooves in their plastic rolls. 

During the machining of the groove, the plastic cover deform and produce a bad surface quality. The purpose of this mechanism is to solve this problem by implementing a circular saw instead of using a conventional rigid lathe tool.

The mechanism is able to turn around two axis to adjust the angle and the width of the groove. The turning speed of the disc is controlled with a variable frequency controller and it also can change the direction of rotation of the disc.

Assembling in the workshop

The adjustment of the two axis is done manually and once positioned, mechanism needs to be locked thru four screws. 

The angle of every axis is controlled thru the divisions machined in the perimeter of the mechanism.


Installation in the lathe

Accesory mounted in place ready for the first running tests. As you can observe, precision is not a key factor for this type of helical grooves.